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  •   About This Site

    Welcome to the HSA Website. This website is a central location for sharing health system assessment approaches, tools and resources for the benefit of those seeking to strengthen their health system through-out the world. Here you will find a wealth of information to help you assess your current health system and identify entry points for [...]

  •   Interactive Demo

    The rapid expansion of efforts focused on improving health systems has created a wealth of knowledge and tools for assessing health systems and identifying entry points for health system strengthening efforts. Contributions from all organizations evaluating health systems are welcome in this central location. Check out our map that shows our global reach so far.

  •   Tools and Resources

    Browse a variety of how-to manuals, best practices, and other monitoring and evaluation database tools to help gauge the effectiveness and sustainability of your health system. Based on lessons learned through documented applications, these tools provide a framework to measure health system performance and outline strategies for continuous improvements.

  •   Publications

    Sharing countries’ experiences adapting tools to assess their health system allows us to learn from one another. Read recent Health System Assessment (HSA) Country Reports and download other helpful resources.

  •   Contact Us

    For more information about health system strengthening assessment tools, or to add your tools and experiences to this website please contact the HSA team at:

  •   Real-World Impact

    Integrated approaches to assessing and strengthening health systems inform country leaders, policy makers and planners and make recommendations for the implementation of targeted solutions to strengthen health systems.